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March Is Women’s History Month and We’re Celebrating Our Founder

In honor of Women’s History Month, we wanted to give some extra kudos to our founder, Valamere Mikler, who brings technology education to a new level. Google #Applieddigitalskills highlighted how she is changing the way we think about digital privacy and technology education for young girls and women.

Valamere Mikler launched She Ran Tech, a digital privacy and technology education initiative a year ago and has since developed a summer technology internship to provide digital literacy, technology education, and STEM career exploration. Valamere recognized a gap that needed to be filled in not only educating and empowering young girls and women to be safe online but also increasing female representation in the technology industry.

Check out Google for Education’s Applied Digital Skills spotlight on our founder here.

Who are the women founders or entrepreneurs who inspire you? Email us at to tell us about them!

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