She Ran Tech, a digital privacy & technology education initiative partners with local non-profit organizations and companies who host technology events to invite girls and women to attend and actively participate as an option to social media trolling, oversharing, and idle web surfing.


We host interactive activities, live events, workshops, and webinars provided to share information, resources, and other technology programs (i.e., coding, digital citizenship and literacy training) to girls and women. 


We also encourage girls and women to explore STEM programs and careers in technology (i.e., social media blogger, cyber security, investigator, database administrator, instructional designer, game designer, and more). 

We believe all women can create their future and change the world through technological innovations.

Our Mission

To educate and empower more than 10,000 girls and women on the alternative options to social media trolling, oversharing, and idle web surfing through innovative learning opportunities and collaborative partnerships.


Our Vision

Creating a safe online environment free of sexual solicitation, trafficking, and cyber bullying.

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