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Valamere S. Mikler, PhD

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Valamere is a resourceful entrepreneur specializing in instructional design and technology, a higher education instructor, and a certified #IamRemarkable facilitator.

She has a passion for young girls, women, and the community. She has served as the Vice President of Walden University’s Women in Technology, and collaborated on a social change project, The Encouraging Girls Project, creating digital templates and marketing materials designed to encourage girls to follow or spark their technology interest.

Why She Ran Tech, a Digital Privacy & Technology Education Initiative?

Valamere always volunteers and supports projects, events, and activities for social change, equity, and inclusivity in technology. Many of these endeavors encourage female representation in technology through STEM training and technology education, which is great! However, there is not enough information and action available to address cyberbullying and online sex trafficking that targets young girls and women.

So, in 2019, Valamere decided to start a digital privacy & technology education initiative as alternative options to social media trolling, oversharing, and idle web surfing, which may lead to unfavorable outcomes. Instead of spending unproductive time online, why not educate and empower girls and women on digital privacy, being safe online, and to pursue careers in technology. As a result, there will be less cyberbullying, online sex trafficking, and the gap of female representation in technology will be filled.

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