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Let’s Encourage Technology Education For Black Female Students

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Black Girls Code is an organization that helps young and teen girls of color opportunities to learn trending and in-demand skills in technology and computer programming.

Black Girls Code Robot Expo Miami Event

According to the National Science Foundation (2017), the rate of African- American women earning a doctorate degree in the STEM fields are 10 times fewer than their white counterparts. Therefore, showing an absence of women in color.

Black Girls Code has bridged a gap by responding to problem of why women in color are missing in STEM by engaging black and brown girls NOW. This organization provide opportunities to learn coding and technological skills in workshops, enrichment programs, and events. #BlackGirlsCode #BridgeGapinSTEM #ImpactTechnology

To find out more about the project based activities and events that Black Girls Code is doing, please check out their website here:


National Science Foundation. (2017). Women, minorities, and persons with disabilities in science and engineering. Retrieved from:

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