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Be Internet Awesome Curriculum

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

SMART ALERT STRONG KIND BRAVE .. Let's read more about it

Google has partnered with several organizations to create a useful program to teach kids the skills necessary to be safe and smart online. The Be Internet Awesome lessons and Interland game can be explored by both older and younger students.

The five fundamentals of digital citizenship from the internet code of awesome includes:

  • Share With Care ( Be Internet Smart )

  • Don't Fall For Fake ( Be Internet Smart )

  • Secure Your Secrets ( Be Internet Strong )

  • It's Cool To Be Kind ( Be Internet Kind )

  • When In Doubt ( Be Internet Brave )

Applying these fundamentals can help the youth stay safe online and make smart decisions.

To learn more about how to be internet awesome and to play the Interland game, visit

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