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CyberPsych & Code


Cyberpsychology is one of the fastest-growing fields in science. It's also one of the least understood. In this mini-course, you'll learn about cyberpsychology and how it can be applied to STEM Careers and coding.


  • College undergraduate students in the first two years of degree program

  • Anyone interested in STEM or computer science

  • Anyone considering a STEM career

  • Anyone who is curious about cyberpsychology


The mini-course is interactive. It contains end-of-section knowledge-check review questions and

a short end-of-course quiz. It can be completed in about 90 minutes.



This mini-course is based on the CyberPsych & Code project, created by Dr. Valamere Mikler and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Images, interactivity, and assessment questions were added to this course by the creator. 

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